I was listening to Joyce Meyer talk about how faith is taking the first step without even knowing what the second step is. “ Why are you always scared of mistakes?” she asked. “We would always make mistakes, that’s inevitable”. Guess what I remembered immediately I heard that, the posts in my wordpress draft that I was still trying to polish before publishing. Lol. It’s funny how I was trying to polish a post that addressed the issue of perfectionism.

I am a perfectionist. I want to know step 200 before I even take step one. My plans need to be perfect before I set out to achieve them. Fam, who sold us this idea of perfection? What’s the worst that can happen if you make mistakes? You learn and move on. This post is speaking to me more than it should be speaking to you.

As a christian, Perfection and Faith cannot go and in hand. Taking a leap of faith takes a lot of courage and risk. It’s hard to make considerable progress if you always want to wait for the perfect situations.

I used to think it was such an enviable thing to always aim for perfection, but I have realized that nothing is perfect except God. We as humans can only aim for excellence.

There would never be a perfect situation/time to do anything, the beauty is taking the action even in the midst of imperfection.

Imagine if a toddler only aims to run like adults and spends all his time scheming on how he would be able to run faster than even his parents, then he would probably never even take his first step, talk less of walking or running.

Think about all the lofty ideas or plans you’ve had for a while. These ideas cannot materialize, it would always be in the draft section of your mind/journal until you start taking baby steps to achieve them. There aren’t short cuts when it comes to achieving our dreams, we really have to go through the process one step after the other, only then can we appreciate our journey.

I pray that perfectionism doesn’t rob us of the joy of chasing our dreams.

Hugs and Kisses, Fam.

Remember there is no perfect time for anything, there is only now- Jack Canfield.


“won ti gba penalty lo throwing, gbe gbe gbe, gbe gbe gbe”, I sang and danced nonchalantly while doing the dishes on a fateful Saturday morning, It took me a while to realize that I was singing a song that I disliked. I was not a big fan of small doctor, I never learnt the song, why exactly was I singing it with passion like I was a diehard fan of his who learnt his songs word for word? I just listened to it a few times on TV and gbam it stuck! This goes to show how the brain/mind absorbs information like a sponge.

Have you ever met a fitfam enthusiast (I am a proud card carrying member), who claims not to eat so much, but is fat and unhealthy anyway. We know the issue is not about the main dishes we take as breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s the seemingly “small” treats we have in between meals such as the peanut butter, the handful of chin-chin, the small scoop of ice-cream in the fridge, the small piece of cake our friends offer us or the small sip of juice we “taste” sometimes. We sound really ignorant when we confidently tell people “I don’t eat so much o, I don’t know why I am this fat” as if all the junk we take by the side is invisible to our body system ( this would have made a lot sense sha)

Your brain/mind is filled with both major information that we consciously take in and the seemingly minor stuff that we expose our senses to. Your values and beliefs are greatly Influenced by the people you follow on social media, the people you allow in your personal space, the people you listen to, the people you spend most of your time with and the kind of books you read.

It might be easy to wave this off by saying you have self-control and you are not easily influenced, however my darling, your mind doesn’t work that way, it just sponges up what it has been exposed to without permission from you.

I am not writing this blog post because my mental diet is perfect, I am also a work in progress. First thing I did when I realized I needed to be careful of what I was ingesting was to unfollow some people on social media and review the songs that I listen to regularly, thankfully I have amazing people who were of value to me, so I didn’t have to change friends.
Enough of random social media peeps coming at you with stuff that doesn’t align with your core values. It might not be very easy to control everything that your senses are exposed to, but you can determine at least 80 percent of it and the other 20 percent is for stuff that is beyond your control.

Let me drop this small gist before I go. When I was in school, someone gave me the gist of a student praise and worship leader who broke into a trending secular song while leading praise during a chapel service. This was a firebrand sister who felt because she was anointed, it was okay to listen to more of secular music and still conveniently lead praise regularly. That fateful day, her brain betrayed her and simply picked a song from what she had stored up.

Your mind/brain can only manifest/release what is inside of you, as you cannot give out what you don’t even possess. Our mental health is important, if we do not feed our minds with the right information, there’s no way we can enrich ourselves. Please don’t leave your overall health and eat from anywhere belle face, be intentional!

Have a lovely day fam. Please remain awesome.

P:S: I wrote the first draft of this blog post in Lagos traffic. I spent over 5 hours just moving from the island to the mainland. Lagos traffic I hail thee!


“For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end.”- Michelle Obama


Hi everyone! I am officially welcoming you to a new year with this blog post. I was a bit reluctant to do a blog post on “Becoming” as almost every lady  I know is currently reading this amazing book and I felt there was no one else to address. I had a rethink when I also remembered that not everyone has the luxury of time to actually read such a voluminous book.  I have also been screaming “I am becoming” all over the house , so this blog post would serve as a release of some sort.


Becoming gave me a  peek into Michelle’s journey right from the South Side of Chicago to the White House. She wrote about her childhood experiences, her family, her relationship with Barack, her career switch, the effects of Barack’s venture into politics, her kids and her life as FLOTUS. It is a bare-it-all kind of book and it felt like I was having tea with Michelle while listening to her talk about herself.

I would write  briefly (or not) on what I learnt from reading this amazing book.

  • The right environment matters:  Michelle’s parents were not privileged or rich, even though they worked hard to ensure that they were able to provide their kids’ basic needs. Michelle’s mom always had a listening ear when her kids had to talk/rant about anything and she always had the right words to say to them. She had a father that was truly present in her life.It was not just about the words, they also backed it up with action. As a family, they bonded over dinner and shared great moments. For every achievement, her parents were always there to cheer her on. Michelle acknowledged that her parents’ training helped shape her mindset. This goes to show that parents have an obligation to ensure that children grow up surrounded with love.
  • Your background does not determine your future: Some are lucky, they come from wealth. They are able to chase their dreams without major challenges, because there is MONEY and INFLUENCE! However, you would agree with me that there is a large percentage of successful people who grew up with next to nothing and somehow, they were able to achieve their dreams. Michelle was determined to be better than her parents and grandparents. She knew she owed herself that much and she pushed herself HARD. One of the reasons why she is so passionate about education is because education was the only platform she had to chase her dreams. Education gave her the opportunity to live the life she could only read about in books. Don’t underestimate whatever platform you have, maximize it.
  • There is no general definition of success: Michelle always thought that she had to prove a point to people and that played a major role in deciding her career path. After years of practicing corporate law, she met Barack Obama and her perspective about life changed. Even though she earned a handsome amount and she “seemed” successful, her relationship with Barack Obama made her question some of her life choices and she realized that her career path didn’t make her feel fulfilled. She made a U-turn by resigning from the law firm and went ahead to pursue a career in public service, that way she was able to make major impact on people. Her career switch also meant a big slash in the amount she earned but she had a fulfilling job and that was all that mattered to her. Doing a job that she loved while being a wife and a mother of two was her definition of success. It is okay to change your mind concerning your career, it is okay to feel a bit confused and it is never too late to make a switch.
  • Your life partner might not come in shining armour: Michelle was Barack’s superior at the law firm where they met.  He literally had nothing apart from his dreams and she had to look beyond how he looked when she made a choice to stick with him. Barack was everything she was not. Barack was a smoker, he was not organized, he didn’t come from a family like hers and he didn’t care so much about making money. He was however very principled, had integrity, was positive minded and had a heart for people. They both had to make compromises to fit into each other’s lives. Even though Michelle knew that they might never be rich, she knew that the growth she had experienced since meeting Barack was worth more than money.
  • Family always comes FIRST: Michelle and Barack have always been busy people especially with Barack’s venture into politics and Michelle’s very demanding job. However, their jobs/interests always came second in the grand scheme of things. Whenever a decision had to be made, the family’s interest was always prioritized.  Michelle recounted carrying  her four-month old baby to an interview at University of Chicago Medical Center, not minding what her interviewer thought. As their girls grew older, Michelle and Barack ensured that they maximized family time to catch up on every aspect of their daughters’ lives. Being busy is not an excuse to neglect your family’s needs.
  • You are good enough: Michelle grew up with confidence but underneath all that confidence, was the fear that she was not good enough. Frequently she would ask herself “am I good enough” and go right ahead to prove that she was indeed good enough for anything she chooses to do. Being a black girl from the south side of Chicago meant that she always had to throw in her weight and work twice as hard to prove her doubters wrong. In high school, a college counselor once told her she didn’t think she was “Princeton material” but she applied anyway and got in. At Princeton university, she realized she was just as smart as other people, despite what she was made to believe. There would always be a still small voice reminding us of our inadequacies but our job is to silence it while smashing our goals.

Becoming is a book I would recommend for every lady out there. Stop sulking and regretting why you were born into a certain family, when you have the power to change the narrative. The major lesson in this book is that you can achieve your dreams even without wealth or “connections”, if only you are willing to work hard.

You can buy either the hard copy or the audio book here.  Please do well to grab a copy!

If you have read it, what did you learn?

P:S: Better grab a dictionary alongside this book, you would surely be needing it.

“I’ve been lucky enough now in my life to meet all sorts of extraordinary and accomplished people. … What I’ve learned is this: All of them have had doubters.”-Michelle Obama



This morning, I modified my list of what I wanted to achieve by the first quarter of this year. Even though I made plans and everything seemed in place, I could not shake off the feeling of anxiety that I felt when I  took another look at my best-laid plans. I tried to shake off the feeling, but it just wouldn’t go. I closed my eyes for a while and my mind travelled years back to when I was a 100 level student in university. As it was with many jambites, I wanted to start off on a good foundation by making really good grades, so I studied as hard as I could and tried to leave no stones unturned, so as not to be caught by surprises when exams come knocking.

I wasn’t doing badly academically, but there was a particular course that was bent on giving me issues. I disliked courses that required calculations, so I didn’t like this course at all and I felt I wasn’t good at it, no matter how hard I tried to study it. In situations like that, I would have just met my best friend to put me through, but she also didn’t understand some of the topics in this course. We were in class grumbling about our predicament when one of our course mates – A – heard us and offered to help out, in her words “the course is very very simple”

I was glad to finally have someone to help us out, so I listened carefully as she tried to break down in simple terms, the seemingly difficult course. A explained with so much passion and gesticulations, you would think she assisted the lecturer in preparing the lecture notes.

Her teaching style was admirable, but there was something wrong. Everything she talked about was incorrect. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. From the little knowledge I thought I had about the course, I knew she was even in a worse situation than we were. What she explained had no bearing with the course at all. It’s like needing help with colours and your tutor is talking numbers. She taught us the wrong things, with such confidence, that it would have been a sacrilege to cut her short. Halfway through her lecture, my friend gave me the look of “this girl is teaching us the wrong things o”. The right thing to do would have been to politely let her know that she also needed a tutor as she didn’t even know the basics, but as the shy good girls that we were, we didn’t want to embarrass her, so we endured till the end.

We thanked her when she was finally done and my friend and I had a good laugh at ourselves. We came to the understanding that we weren’t as bad as we thought we were, our confidence level was just zero. A was in a worse situation than us, but she had so much confidence in the nothing she knew, that she even offered to teach us. We eventually wrote the exam and had good grades, despite our initial fear.

Remembering this incident this morning, made me laugh and the feeling of anxiety left. Some of those that we look up to don’t even have life figured out, but they do the things they do with s much confidence and they most probably will win at it,  while you cower and hinder yourself because you believe you are not half as good as them.

It’s the same way most employers will employ a confident person, because there is an assumption that such a person is smart.

If you were to rate your confidence level on a scale of 1-10, what would it be? Is there an experience that is similar to mine that you’ll like to share? I look forward to reading your comments.

Have a productive day everyone!



Happy new year everyone. I hope this year turns out to be the best year so far for every one of us.

I started this year on a pretty good note, I eventually got my copy of the “The Smart Money Woman” by Arese Ugwu and I took my time to digest every single word. It’s not the kind of book you read hurriedly because you need to move over to another. My darlings, take your time, study every word, make your notes and do the exercises listed after each chapter( probably with a glass of chilled drink by your side.wink)


The sleek book cover.


The story is basically about a “Lagos big-girl” who suddenly realized that she had gone broke. Her circle of friends didn’t make matters any easier, as they all lived very luxurious lifestyles. They were an enviable bunch because they all lived on the posh part of town, they drove very good cars, used very expensive shoes and bags, ate at very  classy restaurants and were living “the life”. It took a while for Zuri (who is the main character) to realize that even though she was making so much money, she was getting drowned in a pool of debt. At first, she seemed clueless, but she took the first bold step by tracking her expenses and reviewing her bank statements, so she could determine where the money was actually going. She then realized, that for someone like her who was literate, she had been a little careless with her finances. I would have loved to give a blow-by-blow account of how the story ended but that would make me a book spoiler , don’t you think? Get the book yourself and be intrigued at the turn out of the story


Arese Ugwu.



I like the fact that Arese Ugwu didn’t just write a story, after each chapter, she writes and expatiates on the smart lesson for that chapter and she gives exercises to be done. These were some of the lessons I got from the book:

  • How to identify my money fears and how to conquer them: The reason why we always allow such fear take over is because there’s this uncertainty attached to money and when we don’t have a concrete plan in place, the future looks gloomy.
  • How to track my spending: I’m sure you will be as shocked as I was to realize how much goes into buying very unnecessary things that we don’t even need. I’m sure you will find this tip quite helpful on the long run.
  • How to slay my debt: Trust me, I never believed the word “slay” could go hand in hand with the word “ debt” until I read the book. When we think about our debt, worry should follow but who “worry epp”? don’t run away from your debt, because no matter how far you run, it will still catch with you ,with interest sef.
  • How to build an emergency fund: This is Nigeria, most people never believe anything bad can happen to them, until it actually does, then they begin to run helter-skelter. Your car can disappoint, you might need to travel immediately, your boss might decide not to pay your salary early, anything can happen. Arese gives a formula that would help you save enough for emergencies.
  • How to develop a sustainable budget.
  • The power of networking
  • The nitty-gritty of investing:Everything I know about investing was gotten from what others said and I know many people are like me. We have unconsciously labelled some kinds of investments bad and good, even though we don’t fully understand them. Arese gives professional tips of the different types and how to develop an investment strategy .
  • How to maximize my earning potential.

Let me stop here before I end up writing the whole The book has just 210 pages and is divided into 12 chapters, you can finish reading it within a week if you read two chapters per day. If you are interested in buying this book, click here to find out where to get it.

For those who have read the book, do you think it was a good read? For those who haven’t, from this review, do you think it’s a book worth reading? let me hear your thoughts.

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BECOMING 2.0…Part 2

Hi people. I hope you are all good? This is a continuation of the post on BECOMING 2.0….Part 1!  I was supposed to write about Detoun Ogwo and Lala Akindoju’s sessions but that would make this post too lengthy and I don’t want anyone breathing heavily after reading it…lol, so let’s just stick to Detoun Ogwo’s session.

Detoun Ogwo and Funto Ibuoye. 

Detoun is a Human Resources professional with several years’ experience with blue chip companies in the Human Capital development and Customer Relationship Management functions both in the U.K and in Nigeria (including Halifax Plc, U.K, British Airways, British American Tobacco, Celtel & recently, Guinness Nigeria Plc.). She has a deep knowledge of factors affecting human performance in organizations especially with regards raising workforce productivity and ensuring accurate placement of individuals in appropriate job positions. She is a graduate of the University of Lagos and holds a Certificate in Organization and Strategic Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science U.K. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (U.K) and an Alumni of Fate Foundation, Nigeria.

Culled from-

Can you see me in this picture? With my serious look. Lol 

Detoun  Ogwo started by telling us how she was very shy and had many battles as a child. She played a video of inspiring women who are successful in their chosen fields and I was able to recognize Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Adele, Mother Theresa, Angelina Jolie, lets just say I could not recognize the rest of the women. I need to upgrade my global recognition savviness, lol. These women went out of their ways to create a niche for themselves,we all have the right to live up to our God-given potentials.

She moved to the topic of marriage and you could feel the joy in her heart, as she talked about  how she has been married for 18 years to a very amazing husband. She advised that marriage is best approached with prayers, an open mind, open ears and open eyes.  Choose function over form ( for those of you that have a particular way your husband must look, better take note). Love is essential, but it is not everything, you both need respect, humility, compatibility, good communication skills etc…God didn’t script that marriage should be a plunge, take your time. This period of your life is a preparatory  process for marriage. She recommended we read “165 questions to ask before marriage ” by Bimbo Odukoya. Someone at this point asked what she should do as she has a guy who is very wealthy and can take care of her but she does not love him. Detoun told her point-blank that love is essential and marriage is not the use of another human being.

She talked about how every vision has a demand-you must sacrifice something and to move to the next level, you must master these skills:

  1. PERSONAL SKILLS: Mastery of who you are and what you carry.
  2. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: How you relate to others.
  3. STUDY SKILLS: What you know/ do with your spare time.
  4. ENTREPRENEURIAL  SKILLS: How you turn problem into income for sale and value for society.
  5. INFLUENCING/ MANAGEMENT SKILLS: How you persuade others/ inform outcomes.
  6. CAREER MANAGEMENT SKILLS: How you navigate the labour market for preferred outcome.

For those in the marketplace, you need to start selling experiences not just for profit-making. Sell an experience of performance and delivery, that way you are indispensable.

To Become, you have to “accept”. Accept yourself and where you are coming from, accept your limitations and the fact there will be challenges. Accepting however, is not the same as being mediocre. Go back to your inner chamber and have a maximal relationship with God, because He is the distinguishing factor. Be interested in what goes in your spirit, body and skin.

-Becoming involves giving. it involves service. Give your time, knowledge, sow seeds.

-As a woman, we are fond of venting/ranting/complaining. Please venting is not a virtue. Keep it minimal.

-You must be a proficient reader with depth

-Becoming involves consistency.

-Put a price on the most efficient use of your time.

She gave some online resources and links that we can benefit from . some of them are –,,,,,, and various YouTube links .

I thoroughly enjoyed this session and writing everything I learnt is just impossible. I hope you enjoyed reading about it as well. Part 3 will be up next, trust me, you don’t want to miss it. Connect with me on

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BECOMING 2.0….Part 1!


Hi guysss!.its been long,to tell you the truth,this blog was already an abandoned project as i got very busy with bar finals and i just never got around to putting up any post.. Other life activities  took over…lol. Guess what revived that “ginger”? ….THE BECOMING CONFERENCE 2016. I got to know about the conference from FUNTO IBUOYE’s Instagram page and my heart leaped! I’ve been following Funto for a couple of years now and she is a young woman of purpose who inspires greatness in young people. She is an author and the founder of “The beautified network”, she is also the convener of “Becoming 2.0. Funto is married to gaise and they are blessed with a son. If you are a young woman of purpose,then Funto is a force to reckon with.

imageI never thought i could attend the conference as i was so far away from Lagos and i had other financial obligations,i did not give up on spreading the news though and just silently hoped that a miracle would happen. My people,my expected miracle came and i got a giveaway ticket on Eziaha’s blog –  (if you are not already following her blog; I can’t even start explaining what you are missing)

Beautiful Eziaha!

I cant  believe i got the ticket,i mean sooo many ladies wanted it but i miraculously got chosen, “ezz that not God”?.lol. Thank you Eziaha for allowing God use you.
The conference took place at the Muson Center at Onikan,Lagos on the 16th of July 2016. As someone that that was all excited about the program,i got to the venue even before time as i had already told myself i was not going to miss even a second of it (Please its not my fault,i cannot win a free ticket and still come late,who does that?)

The program started fully with an opening remark by the compere- Juliana  Olayode (known popularly as Toyo baby of Jenifa’s diaries), the opening prayer and then the  gorgeous Funto Ibuoye addressed us, she implored us not to get distracted by networking with other ladies, instead we should focus our attention on the One whom we have come to see-God. With that, every body locked up, and even those sitting close to me faced their front squarely, no time to be missing  blessings because “networking “… hahahah

The worship session was electric and we could literally feel  God’s presence in the hall. It took me a while after the worship session to realize where i was. With the heels and plenty makeup, we approached the throne of Grace unashamed and without airs. I think having the worship session was a great idea as it  prepared us for what was to come and we were more expectant.

The very first speaker was Omilola Oshikoya.

Omilola Oshikoya is Africa’s premier wealth coach with over 12 years’ experience in finance/investment banking. The founder of Omilola Oshikoya International, a life & finance coaching company and the creator of PocketFinance, a blog focused on providing information on personal finance & business for entrepreneurs, Omilola’s goal is to inspire this generation to live the “Richer Life” and to help eradicate poverty by teaching youths how to make money (business/entrepreneurship), how to manage it (personal finance), how to grow it (investment) and the purpose of wealth. In December 2015, Omilola Oshikoya International held its first conference called the “Do It Afraid” conference. Omilola is an ordained youth minister and is happily married to John Olugbenga Oshikoya and they are blessed with three amazing children.

After her introduction, she started her session  proper by telling us to draw anything that adequately represents us as individuals. Pls don’t even ask me what I drew as I ended up drawing a caricature of what I originally intended… hahaha(I still think I draw better than a lot of people though). The purpose of this exercise was to allow us think deep about how we see ourselves and what we hope to achieve. Someone drew a tree, another drew a smiling face because she wanted a happy and fulfilling life regardless of what life throws at her. Omilola herself sees herself as a sunflower that is permanently directed towards the East, where the sun rises from, that sun is God. So please take a moment, ask yourself-what best describes you? I’m not talking about your present reality but how you want to turn out in a couple of years.

After that, she talked about two categories of people and compared them to  a moth and a butterfly. As we all know, a moth and a butterfly seem very similar physically as they both go through the same painful shredding process of moving from the  caterpillar stage to the adult stage, but they have some  notable differences :

– A moth is more active at night while a butterfly is very active during the day and are always gleefully moving from tree to tree.

-A moth is attracted to artificial light but a butterfly is attracted to sunlight

-There are over 100, 000 species of moths while butterflies are around 15,000 species

-A moth is dull coloured while a butterfly has beautiful colours

I’m sure by now, you know which category you DON’T WANT to belong to.

She talked on how to  Become who God has created you to be and I noted the following (some of the extra notes in front are mine):

1)Believe in yourself : If you don’t believe in yourself, seriously who will?

2)-Do it afraid : I don’t think anyone ever embarks on anything great without that dull ( or not so dull) thump in their chests. Great men aren’t those who are never afraid, they are men who take the bold step DESPITE being afraid-Fatogun Omowunmi 2016… lol

3)Have a clear vision – Habakuk 2:2 isn’t a lie please. Write down your vision, it justs makes you more disciplined in pursuing it. If you just have scattered ideas of what your vision is, how do you even start working towards it?

4) Who is in your corner- Who are those around you? You should have a mentor, someone who you look up to and can lead you right. You should have a confidant, someone you can trust and talk to about major issues. You should have a sponsor, someone who can encourage/finance you in every way possible. You should have a buddy/buddies, friends that have your back anytime. You should have a prayer team, people you can pray with when necessary. You should have a Judas/Judases, people that remind you that it’s not everyone you should share everything with(a.k.a haters.. lol).

4)Do not procrastinate: If you do not act within 24hours of the inspiration to do something, chances are you never will. This one got to me on a deeper level 😂😂,

5)Dream big ,start small now: Take it easy on yourself please, even God did not create the world in a day (not that he couldn’t ). Take it one step at a time.

6) Be grateful : No matter what life throws at us, there will always be something to be grateful about. If you doubt me, take a sheet of paper and write 100 things that you are grateful for, you will amaze yourself.

7) Stay Motivated : People say motivation  doesn’t last, well neither does bathing, that is why it’s recommended daily😁.

8)Don’t fight the process : Many of us are guilty of this, we never want to go through the fire to come out as gold. Nothing is achieved overnight, enjoy the process, knowing where  you are headed keeps you going and strengthens you.

Take note darlings that you are the light of the world. The world might be filled with darkness, don’t go with the flow, it is the best time for light (you) to shine and standout. You should not allow your light go dim. You owe yourself that much 🙂

Assignment (as it was given to us. Lol)

1)Write down what you would like to become

2)Write it as a goal in the present tense

3)Set a deadline.

4) Develop a plan

5)Trust God.

It was a lot of work trying to compress what I learnt from Omilola oshikoya  in just one blog post, if you made it this far, you are the real MVP!… hahaha. I’ll be writing about Detoun Ogwo and  Lala Akindoju’s sessions in the next post.

You know it will be a disfavour to many ladies in your life if you just read and not share the post right?

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30 days face your fears Challenge!

What’s up people? How have you all been? I know it’s been long,i have been quite  busy, the hustle is real!

Let me not even lie, I did not plan to write this blogpost. For those who really know me, I can over-think for Africa!. I am the sort of person who would plan a project and take a loong while thinking of how to execute it,  why? Because i am afraid of failing, I want everything to be perfect! I don’t want silly mistakes, flaws and the embarrassment that comes with it. The result of this sort of “perfectionist attitude” is that you end up doing nothing at the end of the day!

For most of us, the fear of failure has soooo paralyzed us, that we do not even realize that it has made us stagnant and caged! . You are afraid of living your dreams because you are scared that ” things might not work out as planned”or ” it might be different from the society is used to”.

Apart from the fact that I have been busy these past weeks, I’ve also been thinking ” what if I write something, people do not like”?, “what if I make grammatical mistakes”?, “what if I get very rude and harsh comments”? What ifs,what ifs….”

As I laid on my bed today(over-thinking as usual,lol), I thought of my blog and the many plans I have for it. I laid there for like an hour,  sweating profusely  in the dark( yea, typical naija situation,smh) and thinking of the plans I had for my blog. It suddenly hit me, that instead of thinking of the “what if’s”, I should actually blog

So with a big hand fan in one hand, and my tablet in the other, I started this blog post. You might not in any way like what I have written, you might be more interested in fishing out mistakes, but guess what? It does not in any way matter, because I have taken one step in overcoming my fears!

Are you  in any way dealing with the fear of failure?do you only live out your dreams in your head? Do you lay at night thinking of all the plans you’ve made but are too afraid to actualize?  Then sweetheart, unless you want to remain stagnant and have regrets later in life, you have to face your fears! Who cares if you make mistakes? You think you will do well as a model, but you are scared you might trip and fall on the runway? My dear, if u fall, you will stand up and continue the catwalk like a boss!

I am going to be doing a 30days faceyourfears challenge. For these30 days, I will do things I have always been scared of doing. I will also do well to give you updates as the journey goes. I am sure there will be lots of hilarious stories to share. Please you are welcome to join me too! Your comments will be well appreciated and might even encourage someone else.

Let’s face our fears and live our dreams,

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New year…resolutions or no resolutions?

Heloooooo people!……Happy new year  to you( yea, I knew you were expecting that ) How did you spend the day? Mine started on a good note at the crossover service. You need to see  how everybody was kabashing into the new yr,  its not easy….. 2015 MUST be amazing! The calls and messages i received ehn…I was grateful for the opportunity to talk to those I haven’t spoken to in a long while.

Anyway, 2015 is a whole new chapter and i know there is an unending debate on whether or not to have new year resolutions. I think this is quite personal. It depends solely on an individual’s personality. Are you someone who needs to write down some goals before you can set out to achieve them? Do you need a daily reminder of your vision? Does having resolutions, make you more disciplined? If the answers to these questions is a yes, then resolutions are for you!

if you are not a write-down-resolutions kind of person,it’s okay. You might not be into resolutions, but you should at least have a plan, yea? It’s hard to succeed without a specific plan. A person  without a plan is like a lost person in the wilderness, who has no idea how to move to a better, please have a plan, this year shouldn’t just pass you by, enjoy it!

Happy new year people...muah!

Happy new year people…muah!

Having resolutions doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t make mistakes,you just have to ensure you rise again after each fall. Some of us  know how we all make a truckload of resolutions in January and end up neglecting them by february, this shall not be your portion this year o! Aren’t you tired of  just making plans and dreaming of a better life? Or of wishing upon an imaginary star. My darling, you can’t fulfill those goals by daydreaming. Be disciplined enough to make those dreams come through. If you are not disciplined enough, PUSH YOURSELF!

For me, this year is a year of DISCIPLINE BY FORCE!…..I don’t think I’ve heard that anywhere though*side eye*. Sometimes you have to be aggressive with yourself, if being soft and gentle makes you lazy, then the ajepako method needs to be applied. You want to lose weight? It’s not enough for you to admire fit people and wish you could be like them, you have to EXERCISE REGULARLY , even on days when you just want to lazy in bed.  Make up your mind to get what you want this year. You were not created to just watch time pass you by.

I wish everyone a prosperous new year and I pray that we would all be disciplined enough to chase our dreams.much love….


First of all….INTRODUCTION

Hello people! Welcome to my blog. I am Omowunmi,a big time I love learning new stuffs everyday, im always open to new ideas and knowledge. I love meeting new people, gaining some new experiences, learning everything “learnable”! I love God and I try to serve Him the  best way a daughter should.I love observing people( psychologist I love putting smiles on people’s faces! just gives me joy. I am quite curious, so I love reading and researching. I consider myself an intra-vert!(yes, there is a word like that*side eye) I can be quite an extrovert this minute and the exact opposite the next minute,very stoic this minute and emotional over the little things. I consider myself a perfectionist in some areas which can be quite a disadvantage sometimes. I like my space and I respect people’s boundaries too. I can be laid-back at times ( thank God for friends and family who gives me the PUSH when necessary). I also love LOVE ( imagine if everyone in this world had genuine love for others,this world “for don better since “) I get high on inspiration soo fast!( like the way I feel when I read about young women making impact)

That's me.....feeling fly

That’s me…..feeling fly

I have come to realize that the sky is big for everyone to soar and if we are all determined, we can fulfill our purpose without bumping into anyone. I sincerely hope that this blog will make impact in its own little way. I’m also excited that I have a place where I can pen down my thoughts and ideas. I promise it will be fun all the way!…. Cheers!